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Dental Bonding

Do concerns about time or money make you hesitate to fix a tooth that is chipped, misshapen, or discolored?

Tampa Dental Wellness in Carrollwood and Westchase, FL, offers an easy, affordable alternative: dental bonding.

Our dentists can bring back your smile in just one visit with our beautiful, natural-looking dental bonding.

What Is Dental Bonding? Fast & Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

During dental bonding, your dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to your tooth to hide cosmetic imperfections. This composite resin is shaped and then hardened with a special light that bonds the material to the tooth. After further refinements, the resin is polished so it matches the sheen of the tooth surface.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is quick — our dentists can usually restore a tooth to its natural beauty in less than an hour. It is also one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures available. Patients find that dental bonding offers a cost-effective way to mask chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth. Dental bonding also helps patients with receding gums protect exposed tooth roots, which are prone to cavities that are difficult to treat.



Bring Back Your Smile in One Visit

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One imperfect tooth can impact your entire smile. If a discolored or chipped tooth makes you uncomfortable smiling, our skilled dentists at Tampa Dental Wellness in Carrollwood & Westchase, FL, can use dental bonding to give you a smile you’re happy to share.

Dental bonding is among the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures, and we can usually repair a tooth in less than an hour. The procedure is so simple that most people don't even require local anesthesia. The bonding material is simply applied to the surface of the tooth and shaped. Unlike porcelain veneers, no enamel needs to be removed from your tooth.

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What Problems Can Dental Bonding Solve?

Dental bonding is a versatile solution to many minor cosmetic problems. The process is also completely reversible – bonding can be done without harming the enamel on your teeth. Our dentists at Tampa Dental Wellness in Carrollwood and Westchase use bonding to:

  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Conceal discoloration
  • Fill gaps between teeth
  • Make teeth look longer
  • Reshape a tooth
  • Protect tooth roots exposed by receding gums

"I Just Love This Place."


Darlene House

Tampa, FL


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I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Creech-Gionis for 27 years. When it comes to knowledge, she stays at the top of her field with continuing education classes and acquiring new skills. She is an artist who pays attention to fine details and doesn't hesitate to send a crown back to the lab if it doesn't meet her precise expectations. She educates in a way that is non-judgmental and always takes the time to listen to your concerns. Her passion for her profession provides her patients with so much more than just dental care. I highly recommend her if you are looking for quality with a genuine amount of compassion and expertise.

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daniel good

Tampa, FL


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I have been a patient here for years now and every single time I enter the office I truly feel they honor their core values. Many companies hang their values in places where people can view, but few embrace them in their overall environment. Desiree truly define acts of compassion, kindness and make me feel like I am part of their dental family. Thank you for all you do for me and my family!

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Unsure if Bonding Is the Right Solution?

The composite resin used to bond teeth is durable, but not as durable as natural teeth. The bonding material also does not last as long as the materials used in crowns, veneers, and fillings. The resin can chip or break off of a bonded tooth.

For this reason, bonding is often used for small cosmetic changes, for short-term solutions, or when a bonded tooth is located where there is minimal bite pressure, such as on front teeth.

Dental crowns or veneers are popular alternatives. Veneers can be used on a single tooth or applied to multiple teeth, depending on your need. Although veneers can be made to look even more natural than bonding, it's important to understand that they require removal of dental tissue, making veneers an irreversible treatment. Bonding requires no alteration of your tooth, and can be a great way to decide if you want to commit to veneers.

During your consultation, your dentist will review the pros and cons of bonded teeth to determine if bonding is right for you. 

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What to Expect with Dental Bonding

During a consultation, one of the dentists at Tampa Dental Wellness will examine your mouth and discuss your goals to determine if dental bonding is an appropriate solution.

Our dentists can usually restore a tooth to its natural beauty in less than an hour.

Day of Procedure

Our dentists can usually restore a tooth to its natural beauty in less than an hour.

Color Matching

The dentist will use a color guide to match the composite resin to your tooth. This will allow your bonded tooth to blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.


To create a stronger bond with the resin, the treated tooth's enamel will be lightly etched.


The composite resin will be applied and shaped by the dentist to address the cosmetic issues that were discussed during your consultation. A curing light will then be used to harden the resin.

Finishing Touches

The dentist may adjust the bonding to perfect its appearance and then finish the treatment by polishing the bonded tooth so that it matches the sheen of your natural teeth.

Caring for Your Bonded Tooth

Be Careful to Avoid Chipping

Bonding material can chip. To prolong the life of the bonding, avoid habits such as biting fingernails or pens and chewing on ice.

Avoid Smoking and Foods That Stain

Smoking, dark foods, and deeply colored beverages can discolor dental bonding over time. Consider reducing your consumption of these or use a straw when possible.

See Your Dentist Regularly

Daily brushing and flossing along with regular dental visits will help maintain your smile and lengthen the lifespan of the bonding.

Protect Against Bruxism

If you grind your teeth, you may want to consider using a mouth guard that will protect both your natural and bonded teeth.

"I Could Not Recommend More!"


McKenna Reese


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Had my first appointment today and was BLOWN away but the entire experience. The entire staff was so friendly, and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I could not recommend more!!!! Amazing!

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Debbie Moore


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Very clean and nice office! Dr. Creech-Gionis, Michelle and the rest of the staff were very helpful and polite. Dr. Creech-Gionis did a very thorough examination after my wonderful cleaning by Michelle.

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