Sedation Dentistry Alleviates the Fear
and Discomfort of Dental Treatment

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, it can be difficult to maintain optimal levels of oral health through regular visits. For this reason, Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis and her Associates offer multiple forms of safe, gentle sedation dentistry at Tampa Dental Wellness. With three levels of sedation to assist our patients’ comfort levels, we are confident you will find a way to overcome the challenges that have prevented you from obtaining the dental care you need. You can experience the benefits of sedation at either of our Tampa locations in Westchase or Carrollwood.

What is Dental Anxiety?

For millions of Americans, even considering a trip to the dentist can conjure unhappy memories or feelings of apprehension. Some patients may anticipate a painful experience, while others are simply uncomfortable with the vulnerability they feel in the dental chair. For some, the specific sounds and smells associated with dental appointments trigger an intense feeling of dread, while others simply have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time. Whatever the issue, Tampa Dental Wellness seeks to make necessary dental visits more pleasant for our patients by offering dental sedation.

Sedation can calm both the body and mind, to allow complete comfort during your dental visits.

Sedation dentistry uses safe medication to help anti-anxiety and sedative medications, which can help a patient relax and feel calmer before and during dental visits. Sedation can calm both the body and mind, to allow complete comfort during your dental visits. In most cases, you will remember very little about your appointment.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Anyone who has ever experienced the urge to cancel a dental appointment, rather than go through with it, may benefit from sedation. Whether your dental anxiety manifests as general discomfort during treatment or severe aversion to all dental appointments—sedation can make your appointments a less stressful affair.

Even patients who do not suffer from anxiety may benefit from sedation. This option can help those who need to undergo several dental procedures at one time, who suffer from a sensitive gag reflex, or who experience pain or other discomfort sitting for extended periods. Sedation offers you the chance to relax and not focus on the appointment while we make efficient use of your time. 

If you have a loved one who has put off dental appointments for several years, vital treatments are being unfortunately missed. The longer one puts off treatment, the more their anxiety can build, and the more likely that dental issues will develop. Gentle sedation can help prevent serious oral health concerns from developing by enabling all patients to receive timely preventive and restorative care. 

Photo of woman receiving Nitrous oxide
Nitrous Oxide
photo of a pill bottle
Oral Sedation
photo of an IV drip
IV Sedation

Forms of Sedation

At Tampa Dental Wellness, we offer three different types of dental sedation.

Oral Sedation

With this treatment option, a gentle anti-anxiety medication is administered in pill form, usually before the dental appointment even begins. This form of sedation induces a gentle day-dream type state and reduces your awareness of the appointment. 

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is administered via a nose mask, and can quickly make you feel euphoric and relaxed from any discomfort you may experience in the dental chair. This treatment comes with no notable side effects, and wears off quickly once the mask is removed. 

IV Sedation

As a deeper form of sedation, intravenous (IV) sedation administers medication directly into the bloodstream. Patients are conscious with IV sedation, but they may have no memories of the dental procedure, and often feel as though they have slept through the appointment. 

Benefit from Sedation Dentistry

Whether you need help overcoming dental anxiety, or simply wish to accomplish many procedures in one easy appointment—dental sedation can help make your experience a calmer and happier experience. Call our office at (813) 855-2273 or contact us online to benefit from our thorough, comforting care.

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